“Wayne Harris, Warehouse Manager, Costco, Gig Harbor, WA, speaking about hiring people with developmental disabilities, or supported employment.”

How We Help Employers

JW - City Job

Career Quest works in partnership with businesses to meet production and worksite needs. This is especially beneficial in tough economic times.

Specifically CQ will work with you to:

  • assist with identifying worksite needs and
  • develop creative cost-saving solutions. Many of the individuals we serve only want a few part time hours.

The Bottom Line

Routine tasks assigned at a lesser wage allow your higher paid staff to focus on more complex responsibilities, this includes:

  • cost saving
  • fulfilling specific needs
  • reduced work hours at part time vs. full time
  • do not require benefits
  • improved morale, public business image

CQ provides these services and consultation at no cost to the employer:

  • Learn about your business and needs: observations, gathering information
  • Learn/work various tasks
  • Identify unmet needs- especially with economic downturn or RIF
  • Match your business needs to candidate strengths
  • Recruit, screen candidates
  • Customize duties- match duties to individual strengths and worksite needs maximizing potential productivity
  • Assist with interview, new employee orientation; prepare/acquire certifications (food handlers permit), etc.
  • CQ assists with job coaching to augment your training
  • some individuals qualify for on-going support services


I want a good jobMichael is strong, dexterous and works quickly; may be scheduled to work on shipment delivery days (2 times/week) to open/sort merchandise orders, prep for stocking. Higher paid staff are able to provide direct customer service.

Erik has excellent attention to detail with 100% accuracy with data entry; may verify invoices with shipments and complete data entry tasks 2-3 times/week. Or, he could also work remotely via his computer at home.

Alicia has clerical experience; may provide filing, document preparation and/or sort/organize materials; would be great with scanning, etc.

Chris is attentive to detail with microfilming, data entry and scanning experience. She is also cordial and respectful. May be scheduled to work 2-3 hours, 3 days/week to verify information and/or provide scanning.

Erik is 'current' and personable; he wants to provide quality customer service and quickly deliver coffee/food via his motorized scooter.

Mary enjoys routine, repetitive tasks; may be scheduled to assist with mailings - collate, stuff, label envelopes and shred sensitive documents 1-2 times/week, and available for call-in shifts for special projects.