Supported Employment

Respectful person...The provision of support to an individual with developmental disabilities and the workplace. This is a well-established, highly successful practice.

The goal is to develop and facilitate a “Good Job Match”
– also see Job Development details

  • Once a position is identified that meets the needs of the employer & 'matches' the candidate’s strengths & abilities,
  • CQ assists with:
    • The hiring process; may include interview, new employee orientation, etc.
    • Communication & education at the worksite, to
    • Facilitate a smooth transition into the workplace; may include learning about the worksite 'culture,' expectations, etc.
    • Supplement the established training regime; a "Job Coach"- for those who qualify – assists with: the learning process, fulfilling quality standards, communication, scheduling, etc.
    • Job Coaching is ‘phased-out’ as an individual gains competency
  • For many individuals, ongoing, long-term support – a Job Coach – is available to the level of need; this may include assistance with:
  • Cross-training, adjustments with staffing changes, identify - &/or assist with training - new assignments, consultation, etc.