Job Coaching

Mary at BBJob Coaching is provided to assist individuals as they learn their job and responsibilities. Specifically, Career Quest provides a qualified Job Coach - at no cost to the employer - to provide specialized on-site* training and support.

The intent is to augment the employer's standard training process and - importantly – as the new employee gains confidence and independence, phase-out direct 'coaching' support.

The 'coach' also supports the workplace personnel, which may include: develop training strategies, provide consultation &/or disability education, etc.

The job coach works with the employer, &/or the co-workers, and the new employee, to determine training/support needs, and the phase-out process.

The coach can also provide support to the individual off-site* - away from the workplace. For example: to assist with transportation arrangements to insure reliability; or, to help develop social skills to facilitate communication and a smooth transition into the workplace, etc.

Job coaching has proven – nation wide - to be a highly successful approach to supported employment.