Specialized Services

WorkingCQ has a very successful record in providing vocational outcomes for individuals with significant barriers to employment. Some individuals may need more time and support to accomplish their goals.

As a result Career Quest provides individualized services for each person to explore and develop an opportunity to participate and contribute including activities toward paid employment. Individualized plans and goals are developed.

Career Quest staff devote time to build rapport and a trusting relationship including learning about one’s interests, likes, dislikes and needs. Activities are determined by the individual’s comfort level and may include vocational exploration into the community, visiting different worksites, sampling tasks, discovery and/or skill building. As an individual becomes more confident, Career Quest gains knowledge and better identifies the conditions for employment.

Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s

CQ specializes in successfully serving individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This includes vocational exploration and competitive employment specific to maximizing one’s talents. This also includes attention to the environment and culture of the worksite and building natural supports, often identifying mentors. Again, working closely with the client (and family and those who know the individual best) to identify the conditions for employment.

CQ recognizes that some individuals need time to process and advance at their own pace towards these activities.

Importantly, we strive to develop strategies and explore various forms of communication that work for each individual – see Communication below:

Communication Challenges

Career Quest works creatively with individuals who communicate differently. This may includes close attention to non verbal communication, visual cues, body language; use of Facilitated Communication (FC) methods - often customizing dialogue (FC boards) specific to the individual, tasks and worksite; "yes-no" key phrase FC boards; DynaVox; visual/picture checklists; computer/laptop; picture or "story books," etc.

Cognitive Challenges

Career Quest works diligently with those who have significant cognitive challenges. This can include any of the afore mentioned strategies, methods, techniques and/or the discovery process. Career Quest assesses an individual’s current and potential skills, abilities, limitations and support needs.

Physical Challenges

Career Quest also works with individuals with a wide range of physical challenges. Again, a very individualized approach is developed including assessing current and potential skills, abilities, mobility, limitations and support needs; worksite and/or work station accommodations; assistance with exploration of assistive technology, etc.

For example, some accommodations may include utilizing a tall stool and/or raised work surface, or a telephonic headset; or assistance with identifying resources for an electric wheelchair; or modes of transportation.

Representative Payee Services and Intensive Community Support Services

To be considered for Representative Payee or Intensive Community Support services, an individual must be enrolled with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). This County funded grant provides these services to a set number of participants who reside in Mason County (only).