• '...Thanks Laurie,

    We are very excited about the vocational opportunities that clients have been obtaining...I think this is great progress and I'm pleased to have our team play a small part in the process.

    Thanks to Career Quest, Thanks to the County, and Thanks to our DD CRM's for bringing these opportunities!

    I believe Greg's words upon finding he had obtained employment were "This has touched my heart deeply to have this job."

    You are accomplishing good things in an increasingly tight job market. I'm amazed. I think it is important that we all spread the news.

    Thanks Again!...'

    Thomas E Frey, Citizen Access Residential, Olympia, WA

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Matt's 1st Day
(Matt's 1st Day)

Rob at his work site.
(Rob always liked animals & now works with horses)

Career Quest

Dusting at retirement homeWe help people find a job and success!

Employment Program Description

The purpose of Career Quest’s employment program is to assist you in the development of your vocational interests, to explore employment opportunities, find successful employment, and, for those who qualify, provide on-going support to help you maintain your job.

Contact Career Quest to schedule an informational interview to discuss the services available and the program requirements. Once funding is secured - as detailed below - services are provided at no cost to you.

Program Participation Requirements

To be eligible for Career Quest employment services you need to:

  • Qualify for employment services through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and/or the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD); or secure PASS/IRWE, Private Payments, or other funding sources.
  • Career Quest staff will assist you with this process if you like.
  • Display a desire to work and be willing to meet the expectations for employment to the best of your ability
  • Agree to participate in the individualized employment plan and process, including communication, effort, cooperation and follow-through.

Employment Program Procedure/Acceptance - "How this works"

  1. An interview will be scheduled with you and Career Quest staff. An opportunity for you to ask your questions & learn about our services.
  2. Arrange to meet with DVR or DDD; an advocate, friend and/or guardian may attend – if you so choose.
  3. Timelines/selection for service will be determined by several factors: funding availability, referral/background information, job market, vocational objectives, staff expertise and availability, health and safety issues, criminal record, et. al. A signed service plan with at least one funding source/agency must be in place prior to services beginning.
  4. Together, we will explore your:
    • hopes, dreams, employment and personal interests
    • special abilities and skills
    • work experiences and goals
    • challenges or barriers to employment
    • communication skills
    • & what type of help you may need
  5. Develop a plan based on your individual needs and interests, for example:
    • Exploration of work opportunities in the community
    • Provide assistance with employment preparation
    • Identify specific tasks and your work conditions
    Additional aspects needed to coordinate your individualized services: strengths, abilities, objectives/desired outcomes, challenges & support needs, cultural/lifestyle and other issues.
  6. Based on your plan, appropriate services will be provided. This may include developing work experience(s) to assess your skills and abilities.
  7. You will meet frequently with your Job Developer and Job Coach to review the progress made with each goal and steps for the upcoming week(s).
  8. Job development includes Career Quest staff meeting with potential employers. Your interests will determine this process and we encourage your active participation. On your behalf, Career Quest will present your abilities, support needs and interests towards the development of an employment opportunity. Staff will focus on matching your interests and abilities to the jobsite.
  9. Once a job has been found, Career Quest will assist you in learning the job:

    A Job coach works with you and provides individualized services, which may include: one-on-one training, assistance with workstation set-up to best meet your needs; assistance with communication between you and your supervisor/co-workers, and more.
  10. Some qualify for continued long-term support; including: maintain contact with you, your employer, and others if appropriate. This service also provides assistance with learning new tasks, changes with worksite staff, resolution of work issues, etc.

Service Determination

If Career Quest is unable to provide services:

  1. Career Quest will contact and inform you
  2. Review criteria/determination with you
  3. Share determination with funding source representative(s) as appropriate
  4. The assigned Employment Consultant/Specialist or CQ partner(s) shall inform the individual and appropriate entities; may also include family, stakeholders and/or advocate as per client choice.
  5. Provide referral information

*Career Quest reserves the right to decline/terminate services at any time.